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Our Vision

A safe and healthy environment for future generations

Theodore Herzl was right when he famously stated, “If you will it, it is no dream.”


Well, he was partly right. Because, very often strength of will is not always enough to realize your vision.


The journey towards reaching your dream requires hard work and a highly capable and passionate team of people by your side.


So, with less than a tenth of a percent of the national budget allocated to environmental protection, we have a lot of hard work to do to reach our vision of a safe and healthy environment for our children and grandchildren.


That said, as Israel’s leading environmental advocacy group, Adam Teva V’Din has all of the components needed to realize our vision.


With an expert, in-house team of multi-disciplinary professionals, as well as a well-earned reputation as the country’s environmental watchdog, we have the resources, experience and determination to responsibly devise lasting solutions for critical environmental challenges.


We continue to address vital environmental concerns which impact on all spheres of Israeli society:  

  • Nexus between health and environment: Promoting basic legislative frameworks to reduce chemical exposure in the everyday environment.
  • Recycling: Leading Israel’s recycling revolution towards new economic and environmental models.
  • Planning & land use: Advocating land use reforms that maintain the balance between urban development and the public’s need for open spaces.
  • Natural resource management: Promoting new strategic approaches to use and manage Israel’s finite extractive resources.
  • Environment & community: Promoting environmental justice by providing pro bono legal and technical assistance to marginalized communities.

No, our work is not always easy. And yes, the road is often interspersed with political and legislative potholes and speed bumps.


Governments come and governments go. Some grasp the weight of environmental impacts more than others. Regardless of the political climate, Adam Teva V’Din is unrelenting in its resolve to improve Israel’s environmental conditions and ensure that social and economic policies will be grounded in environmental protections.


When Adam Teva V’Din wills it, it is no dream.


Together, we can realize our vision of a safe, healthy and sustainable environment for our children and grandchildren. 

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