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Our Approach

With a well-earned reputation as the country’s environmental watchdog, we have the resources to responsibly devise sustainable solutions for critical environmental challenges:



Using our proactive approach and special standing under environmental laws to represent the public, we file public interest lawsuits to improve environmental protection and enforcement of environmental laws. Often, our lawsuits are against government agencies for failure to implement or enforce environmental law; these petitions are heard by the Supreme Court sitting as the High Court of Justice, the State of Israel's highest judicial bench.  


Over the past ten years, Adam Teva V'Din has been the primary developer of environmental legislation in Israel. We are instrumental in drafting innovative bills and providing standing committees with data, guidance and the rationale for environmental protection. Working side-by-side with environmentally-inclined MKs and in close cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, we strive to expand the scope of existing environmental laws and to up the pace on new legislation. 

Environmental Justice

The Israeli public has the right to know, to participate and to be heard on decisions affecting the community’s environment and quality of life.


We, therefore, equip individuals, local activists and grassroots associations with the resources they need to make their voices heard. Our Green Alert advisory service provides them with pro bono legal, technical and planning guidance as well as representation in the courts. Over the past decade, we have helped many thousands of Israelis tackle life-affecting environmental issues and reclaim their right to a cleaner, healthier environment and better    quality of life. Our actions have increased public open spaces in urban areas, upheld rights of free access to public beaches and municipal parks; closed polluting factories in residential areas; improved adherence to zoning laws; and provided neglected communities with improved sewage systems and sanitations services.  


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