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Our Environmental Bill of Rights

Let’s face it, we Israelis are politically and socially-minded creatures.

However, we often tend to forget that environmental justice is intimately and unequivocally connected to social justice.

In a country as small as ours, the tentacles of the steady degradation of Israel’s environment clutch all of us in its grasp, regardless of our net-worth or social standing. None of us are immune to the symptoms of environmental stress, including increasing air and noise pollution, shrinking open spaces and coastlines and barriers to access and enjoy precious national treasure troves.

We believe that in keeping with the moral fiber of Israel as a leading Western democracy, it is imperative to uphold the environmental rights of ALL Israelis with the same vigor as all other human rights. 

Know your rights!

We promote and protect your right to:

Live in a healthy, clean and safe environment, sheltered from health hazards and environmental threats

  Enjoy equitable and free access to public open spaces and natural reserves
  Actively participate as an equal partner in decision-making processes which directly affect your health, quality of life and surroundings

Benefit economically and socially from the nation’s natural resources and public assets

However, when it comes to environmental protections, government promises are often paralyzed, rendered toothless and glossed over with ease. We believe that these defected or dismantled environmental shields warrant public outcry and choruses of objections. More importantly, these fundamental environmental rights deserve to be legislated and constitutionally safeguarded. 

Israel has no legislated environmental rights. What are the repercussions? Read more 

Environmental justice will only be achieved when we are all equally aware of the injustices inflicted upon us, are equipped with the knowledge and tools to confront them and play an equal role in the decision-making process needed to secure a healthy environment in which to live, work and play.

So, how do we promote environmental justice?

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