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Promoting environmental justice

Environmental justice lies at the heart of our efforts to protect the environment and health of all Israelis by giving everyone a say in decisions that affect their communities.

Our 'Environment & Community Initiative' offers pro bono legal, scientific and urban planning expertise which empowers local activists and grassroots organizations to take actions to improve environmental conditions in the neighborhood.

1. The Green Alert – Community advice center

The Green Alert (Moked Yarok) is the engine that drives our environmental justice project. It is the first-stop for the public as they turn to Adam Teva V'Din for guidance and assistance on local environmental threats.  Every month, we receive approximately 100 new inquiries from people all over the country. 

2. Negotiated solutions & interventions in preparation 

Our environmental justice team is able to solve many community-based environmental problems through direct negotiations or pre-trial warning letters. 

3. Public interest interventions (legal and planning)

When environmental problems brought to the Green Alert are not solved by negotiation or warnings to authorities, Adam Teva V'Din launches lawsuits and formal planning objections. These are developed in partnership with community groups who play a significant role in providing in situ evidence, anecdotal histories and local data.

4. Special projects – sewage, asbestos and contaminated sites

Certain environmental issues rate special attention because they are issues frequently brought to our attention by underserved communities; often, they are issues that impact quality of life and public health of thousands of people. In many cases, a single intervention will have broad national implications.

For these reasons, we continue to focus special resources on sewage and asbestos issues and to work with community groups as our partners in blocking redevelopment of contaminated sites pending full environmental and health assessment surveys.

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