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Planning & land use



Israel must maintain the balance between urban development and the public’s quality of life and need for open spaces and public services.


Israel’s most pressing social, economic and environmental challenge is to meet the country’s ever-growing housing needs.


With an increasingly growing population, Israel will have to provide over 1,000,000 new homes over the next 20 years. The burning question is how, where and at what price.


How Israel relates to its precious and dwindling land resources in 2014 will directly affect the quality of life and irrevocably shape the national landscape for generations to come.



"Planning reforms are not about sparing ourselves a bureaucratic headache. It is about determining today the condition of our children’s landscape and quality of life for tomorrow.”  


-Yael Dori

Urban planner

Adam Teva V’Din is committed to ensuring balanced urban development and sustainable planning frameworks which maintain environmental safeguards and conserve green belts as essential social, recreational and community assets. 


We are currently focusing on minimizing the potential for planning chaos and irreversible loss of green open spaces from damaging reforms


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