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Environment & Community Initiative – Hand in Hand

All of us are affected by Israel’s environment; we are a rapidly developing economy in a small geographic area.


All Israelis are faced, to one degree or another, with environmental and health threats in their neighborhoods and communities.  Some communities, particularly Israeli Arabs and Bedouin, suffer more than other from environmental problems. With myriad social and economic problems to face, under-served communities often don't know where to begin to demand their rights to a clean and healthy environment.


For 15 years, our attorneys, scientists and planners, have worked with communities all over Israel, helping many thousands of families to have a say in local environmental problems.

The most successful initiatives are those led by a dedicated individual who encourages friends and neighbors to join the struggle; they contribute vital testimony and evidentiary materials, and everyone wins.

Working hand-in-hand with core community partners we have produced new environmental laws and regulations, better planning and more stringent enforcement and upheld planning norms.

Through HAND IN HAND, Israelis are becoming empowered to safeguard their quality of life and health.


Our model of working with community partners produces tangible results; and many partners have promoted environmental protection for over a decade.  Currently, at least three community leaders are sharing the techniques of the HAND IN HAND model with new activist groups springing up in other communities!


Hand in Hand. Helping Israelis Help Themselves. 

Meet our community partners:




Salame, Umm Batin

Standing up for access to electricity,

running water, sewage and

waste disposal systems

Tzeela & Dalit, Ellah Valley

Protecting our landscape, heritage and wildlife

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